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Thread: Ending Support in Next Update for Android Devices Running Versions Lower Than 4.1.x

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    Ending Support in Next Update for Android Devices Running Versions Lower Than 4.1.x

    When I log into game a few hours ago, I saw the following in game notification: "With the next coming update to Hay Day (mid year), we will unfortunately have to end support for all Android devices running Android OS versions lower than 4.1.x due to technical reasons..."

    I'm creating this thread for discussion because I found no threads in the News or Announcement subforums. If you're playing on an Android device like me, I'd like to suggest you take the following actions. Good luck.

    1. Go to Settings and tap About device to verify which Android version your device is running. If it's running 4.1 or lower, please use your device to update to a new version if possible. For example, I'm running 4.4.2 and I just tapped the Software Update and v4.4.2 is the most current for my Galaxy Tab3.

    2. Save your game by registering for Supercell ID. The main benefit of this feature is that your game's progress will be saved permanently on Supercell servers and you will be able to access it on an Android or an iOS device.

    Please let me reiterate: Our games live and exist on Supercell servers, and we access them with our devices. When the Hay Day developers release their mandatory update and you hadn't already updated your Android OS to version 4.1.x. or higher, you will not be able to play Hay Day. Team Hay Day wants us to play the most recent version of their game. Good luck Android users.

    EDIT1: Per Wikipedia, the latest Android OS is version 9.0 which was released in 2018. Android developers still support the older versions 7.0 – 7.1.2 and 8.0 – 8.1, but don't support versions lower than 7.0.

    EDIT2: I found this gem while reading about Huawei in a CNet article: "...Android and iOS form a duopoly, with 86% of all the world's phones running on Android, according to IDC, about 14% running on iPhone's iOS, and 0% running on any other platform..."

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