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Thread: Future Update idea for 5vs5 wars

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    Future Update idea for 5vs5 wars

    I was in my base editor mode and I clicked on my eagle artillery. I was looking at the range it covered and I was thinking about future base expansion, but then an even better thought came to me. What if we can do 5vs5 wars where all 5 bases are on the same map, 4 bases on each side of 1 base in the center, all built together to defend the enemy clan who all attack this one base together.

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    This would be a super cool idea and increase importance of base design. Any defenses left standing can still attack and this could mess up pathing. An eagle that didn’t go down and could attack on another base would be huge.

    Stars and percentage would be super interesting as well. One person with an overwhelming attack could take out a base and a half. Maybe the center base th is worth more stars?

    love this idea if it was set up league style, one attack per person. Not sure if you could get everyone to attack at the same time logistically, but if everyone could attack whenever you could chip away at the base to try and get to center th.

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    I actually really like this idea, like it sounds really cool however getting 5 bases to fit on a crazy large map as well as the size of the update might force older phones to no longer be able to play the game since their operating systems wont handle it. However this sounds like a really cool idea

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