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    Didn't read all the other replies.... but I beg to differ w/ the OP. There are plenty of Dead Bases for TH12s w/ loot 400k-600k and even on special occasion 800-1000k. I've been there and raided as many as I could in Crystal 3 to Master 3. I should say there's plenty for everyone - I finished my walls thanks to them and season pass - which is the best thing ever. You should be patience because sometimes it takes 5 searches and other times 50.

    Good luck w/ maxing your base my friend!

    PS: I do agree loot w/ farming a TH10 and TH11 is sweeter when you compare w/ TH12 but TH12 loot isn't horrible at all.
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    There are loads of dead TH12 bases all the way from gold to Masters. I’ve been farming them for months and have just maxed out in the last couple of days.

    My advice is to just use goblins - using electrodrags is too expensive if you are after loot. You will drop cups but who cares?
    Quote Originally Posted by kajid View Post
    Loot difficulty has gone up again today by 2.5% Why do they keep increasing the loot difficulty this makes the game not worth playing and before you all say there is more inactive bases and less active players it still shouldn't be a 2.5% increase in difficulty.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CedrikH View Post
    I have recently upgraded from th11 to th12. When i was th11 there were loads of dead bases (those with up to 1 mil elixir and gold).
    But after upgrading i cant find them anymore at all.

    I've done well over 200 searches (in crystal and masters) and i haven't found a single dead base, while with my th10 account i still find them every few skips.

    Is this issue townhall related or am i just very unlucky with this account?
    For me, at TH12 the dead bases are down in gold league and the early stages of crystal. When 4/5 of my builders are busy I drop from titans to relax down there to finish up my walls. 600k bases on average

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