Piekkel's Place is a fairly new, mature clan and would ideally like to have experienced and seasoned players willing to advise and donate high level troops although we don't mind inexperienced players either. We want dedicated, committed and loyal players. We accept rushed and non-rushed base players as we are here to help each other where we can. Our main goal is to advance in clan levels through both wars once a week and clan games to eventually benefit the clan perks.

Our rules are:
1. It is only a game and you should have fun!
2. Always be courteous and not offensive. Chats about religion, politics and of adult nature will not be tolerated. If you transgress this rule, you will be booted!
3. Ask for specific troops for your clan castle and donate only what is asked for to other players. By default, archers are donated.
4. Each player's troop donations should be more or equal to the troop donations received. But of course, higher level players will donate more maxed troops to lower level players.
5. Wars are started every Tuesday at 20:00 SAST (GMT+2).
6. A definitive requirement is to use the opt in / out buttons for war. If it's red, you won't be included.
7. First war attack should be within the first 12 hours of battle day and the opponent equal to your war rank. E.g. If you are number 2 on the home map, you will attack number 2 on the enemy map.
8. Second war attack should be within the last 12 hours of battle day and your rank + 1. Thus, if you are number 2 on the home map, you will attack number 3 on the enemy map.
9. If you don't / can't attack your allocated war opponent, you can swop with someone else provided that the person whose opponents you want, agrees.
10. Both war attacks should be used (even if it is only for loot).
11. You must always have clan troops for you war attacks.
12. By default clan castles with 30 spaces receives a level 5 dragon and level 2 baby dragon. 25 spaces receive a level 5 dragon and level 6+ giant. 20 spaces receive a level 5 dragon. And we're not yet at 35 spaces, lol.
We are open to suggestions and teachings from seasoned players. Should you prove yourself to be loyal, helpful and active, you may be promoted to elder. Unfortunately at this stage there is no space for more co-leaders but exceptions do happen!

The clan is currently set to invite only because we are anti-nomad and troop hunting players. Please mention the words "Piekkel's Place Supercell Forum" in your joining request and you wil be gladly accepted.

Piekkel's Place looks forward to a long and loot-full journey together!

Piekkel ;o)