I started joining & playing & taking interest in wars directly after TH.12, on my TH.12 ID & so I'm now trying to now master all those overwhelming war attack strategies at TH.12 with the recent new levels of troops & defences.
So, where can I find the thread on all these TH.12 strats., (epecially) "describing on what base designs are they ideal & best to used", ex. electo-loon-> ideal for bases with buildings with less gaps & air-defences near the centre, not on the base's outskirts, and preferable with more multi-infernos and less or no single infernos, lavaloonian-> ideal when air defences are far apart from each other and without their range circles overlapping, mass witch-slap-> ideal for bases with most splash defences on the outskirts of base so that heroes & kill squad may take them & infernos set to single-target mode, ......... . Like this.
Is there any such thread regarding these legendary TH.11 & 12 strategies. I saw one such very old thread in the stikies, but it too old & pertains mostly to TH.10 & below.
I shall be thankful if you leave a link to any such thread there on forums or any other site regarding this topic.
ThanX alot!