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Thread: Group War

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    Group War

    Just like Clash Royale, players can create tournaments up to (or maybe more) than 100 people which they will be either randomly be put on even teams or be able to pick teams.

    This will allow players from different clans or large groups of players to battle it out in their own large clan war. ( but it’s not a clan war so maybe “group war”)

    This will or could be the same dynamic of regular clan war but instead it’s participants are from many different clans or locations

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    Seems unnecessary and sloppy. You can only be in one clan war at a time. Why not just war in your clan or find a better one?
    Quote Originally Posted by Warios View Post
    If they could implement a family clan feature, allowing movement between2 clans without the leave and get accepted system.
    Quote Originally Posted by Darian[Supercell] View Post
    We WOULD like to create some kind of "social network" to provide support systems to Clan families. It's been something on the discussion table before, but hasn't really moved beyond that.

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    So like a solo bracket tournament where its you against everyone else? If its like that ill support it but not in "groups" as the other guy said it would be sloppy

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    You versus everyone else would be fun. I think most of us would like to see how good we as individuals are outside of the trophies we get from looting. This would also give an alternative and more reliable metric about who the best player is.

    Id even support an intra-clan tournament where clan members can battle one another to practice for war and league.

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