I was recently struck by a thought. Let me share with you all. 1st, think of all the troops we've till BH.8. We've more ground troops than air, as far as I remember. 2nd, and most important observation I found is, that in ground troops, we have many(around 2-3) such troops that have very high Damage Per Second(DPS) like raged-barbs, cannon-carts & "SUPER PEKKA"; and now coming on our air troops, the troops having high, DPS is just a 'RAGED BABY-DRAGON" & that too when it's isolated, (I'm not counting bats spawned by NW, 'cause here DPS is of "a" troop & a single bat has the least DPS, same reason for minions). Some might think that I'm taking barbs. in the list of hugh DPS troops but not minions 'cause their DPS is literally high 'cause they are raged & unlike baby-dragons they don't lose rage ability while surrounded, nor they should.
So, what we are left as a high DPS air unit is just a shy baby-dragon, which unlike other BH. troops, has no new feature other than the bdrag. we've in our main-village, both have the same rage-ability.
So, I think some massive DPS air unit is good for BH.9. Would like to know yours views as well.