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    Titan challenge


    This is kind of getting ridiculous... I am currently titan 2 so I can actually play clan games. I found there are some challenges worth 600 points which is to score two stars on titan players... no problem right? HOWEVER, I cannot find a single player in titan! Am I the only person with this problem? Can anyone say that there is hope and that that this task isnt rigged or something?

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    I found I needed to be either in Legend, or on the cusp, or it was very tough to find a Titan.

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    i am currently on about 5500 cups and i chose the "hit a titan" and get 600 points, did it a couple of times and found them easily. sorry, i never chose to hit a titan

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    That's usually one of the challenges I trash for our clan... Lot of better ones out there in my opinion.

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    Oh neat you are actually finding people to hit, been searching for over 1 hour now at below 5300 cups but higher than 5200 (Can't cancel search)
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    I lived in Titan for years now and whenever I can get my hands on a slay the titans challenge I will.

    That said it may require quite a bit of nexting before you find another Titan (legend player is good too). Under normal playing circumstances you donít notice as much how much you actually get matched down with champions leaguers when in Titan 2 but itís quite normal. Clan Games are also busier times making clouds a bit more dense meaning that getting matched against titans or up is even slightly more difficult. But with patience youíll find a target. Even unboosted I like the point value for a single raid.

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    just look at what leauge players are attacking u...
    u then just need to be in that leauge

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    I took the challenge this morning and luckily I got my target within 2 nexts

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    I got lucky too I guess, started that one while in titan III. Found a titan match in just a few nexts
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    In titan 1, found another Titan a min or 2 into the search. Easy 600 points for me.
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