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Thread: Army for me?

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    Army for me?

    I'm a new TH 10 just upgraded from TH 9.

    I have 220 army capacity (not yet upgraded the army bases) but I have unlocked Miner and Bowler.

    I need a suitable army composition which could help me takedown TH10 bases with 2 stars or more.

    Please help me out if anyone got something useful to me.

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    Whatever you used at 9 to 2 star 10s. Upgrade miners, bowler and camps and you can think about TH10 strats.
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    I destroy bases and made it to champion league using GiBoWitch. If you like air, screw th10. Giants deployed in a line, witches behind to funnel, and bowlers to destroy everything inside. Cc wall wrecker recommended. 3 heal, 2 rage, and random de spell. Any one works but I’d recommend poison or haste. Good luck!
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    I've gone to Queen walk almost exclusively if I'm looking for DE.

    i take four healers a bunch of giants, some pekka and a baby dragon to help guide the queen.

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