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    Because if I don't, it'll bug me to no end.

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    I know people have been mentioning the chances being almost zero of catching 3 giants and a wizard in a spring trap, but my immediate thought was a single ice golem and a wizard. That doesn't seem so impossible since wizards are a bit faster and could be on the heals of an ice golem as the trap is triggered right? Idk, never paid attention enough to notice if I've seen that happen but seems like it'd be the likely combo to make the spring trap max its potential

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    Quote Originally Posted by MiddleC View Post
    Currently upgrading spring traps from lvl4 to lvl5. Lvl 4 seemed like a significant upgrade as it allows you to now spring 3 units of 6, like bowlers or miners, instead of 2.

    However the capacity of a max spring trap is 19, which is puzzling to me. It doesnt seem to be a significant change for it to be a max trap.

    I know that the spring trap has not always been upgradeable, but Im wondering if it has ever had a capacity of 20? and would this make the trap too powerful? For example, Take a hog attack, spring traps can currently spring 3 hogs per so a total of 18 hogs in a raid if each st got all it could. Would it be too much to increase that potential to 24? The units it would affect most are probably giants and hogs, but what significance does a spring capacity of 19 offer?

    Just kind of wondering if its even worth it to max my spring traps, aside from the fact that they're cheap.
    We have to remember that spring trap last lvl was added in th10 days (2016) and as you say throwing 24 hogs will be an issue at th10.
    Since then we saw th11 and th12 that did not increase its potential but as with almost every big update, we can in theory have a troop of exactly 20 spaces (or more?) added to lower th lvls. So if with th13 we will have something fresh for th11/12 to play with, we might see another springtrap lvl added as well for the higher bases. But i don't think we will see lvl6 added for th10s.

    When i chose what to upgrade on my th10 for 2mil the spring trap in not my first choice, its actually in the bottom of the list (just before walls) but if you think of moving to th11, i suggest you invest the 2mil and upgrade it (perhaps use the th10->th11 10days window to finish those small upgrades)
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