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    Ah, it was a while ago already that traps in general were made upgradable however I do recall we discussed and asked about that odd number of 19 troops as it seemed like a weird (almost useless) upgrade compared to if you could spring 20 housing space.

    The spring trap can reach its max level of 19 capacity in TH10 and when they were made upgradeable it was felt that making it 20 housing space would be too harsh in terms of % of total army size. A TH10 can carry 240 troops and if you were to lose like 8 giants or hogs to 2 spring traps that would be a bit too much for a trap like this.

    Another benefit of keeping the max level at 19 is that it leaves the posssibilty open for introducing a troop which may have 20 housing space and still be immune to the trap. Often such troops being vulnerable to a spring trap is a tad over the top.

    Of course there can be rare instances where a spring trap actually does send 19 troops flying, we almost all bring a BK and AQ to battle (at TH10 level and up) and these do have their little barbies and archettes. And sending an extra one of those flying can sometimes make a difference.

    Its the tiniest of things which can make a difference in battle and especially wars sometimes. I have had rare war raids where a few BK and or AQ helpers were left and cleaned up the last building or 2 resulting in that extra star. Ever run out of time with a 99% and like 1 or 2 shots left on a building ? Whos to say which upgrade was responsible for that. Heck it could be a simple collector which added more to the total HP of a base. Once weve won a tied war because of a 0.26% destruction difference. Sometimes tiny things do make a difference. But I can certainly understand such an upgrade isnt high on the priority list of people.

    Personally I did the last levels of spring traps at a point when I had nothing else to do with builders and just because they looked much better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Call me H View Post
    I have seen this many times.. especially on well designed bases..

    Just accept the spring trap for what it is... its a trap that reduces the amount of troops in play.. However many its reduced by is a good thing for the defender.
    You have never seen 3 giants and 1 wizard been tossed by 1 spring trap!
    I dare you to try it in a friendly challenge and post the result here.

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    While it is theoretically possible to spring 19 troops, it is highly unlikely due to either the mass of grouping or the speed which troops travel (like 3 giants and 1 wiz).

    End of the day dont lose sleep over it. Max it or dont. I waited until I literally had nothing else to max until I maxed them. If you need the loot elsewhere, hold off. if you dont, upgrade them. If you just want to then do it. If you dont, then dont.

    Its amazing how Super Cell lets us decide how to upgrade and play the game how we want.
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    Ive had my spring traps maxd out for some time but cant say Ive ever seen one use the full 19 troop space. That said, love the look of the maxd traps so cant say its useless either. Definitely not a priority, but Id still say to do them when you get around to it. Think they were my last TH10 upgrade (b4 TH11) if I remember...

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    How about you could take out 3 giants and a wizard or 19 barbs or 9.5 minions etc...
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    Max spring traps are pointless except for aesthetics. I’d be willing to bet that since it was introduced the average player has never once sprung 19 housing space worth of troops in their entire time playing. Spring traps have a difficult enough time catching a single hog or miner before they run off, let alone getting the perfect spring of 19 housing space. Honestly I’d bet it’s closer to 1/100 of all players has ever once sprung 19 troops.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doddsyuk View Post
    How about you could take out 3 giants and a wizard or 19 barbs or 9.5 minions etc...
    That 9.5 minions is going to be a tough one .....

    Anyway, spring traps are ok but lets not act like they are critical defense. You might get 1 or 2 traps that actually take out troops during an attack, if your lucky.

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    Not everything in the game has utility. They look way cooler than level 4 spring traps which was enough for me and if it stops anyone from complaining on the forums for even a few days about 'I am maxed and have nothing to spend my loot on' then I'm all for it!

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    The only time when it could spring away 20 spaces was when it could spring anything, even PEKKAs.

    Other troops were not available when PEKKA became immune to the Spring Trap.

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    Only reason I can think of is that they spring more skeletons (no, they are not inmune, they just don't trigger the trap).

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