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    I know, the title of the thread will make the war lovers at forums salivate with their toungues out, hehe.
    I'm also in love with this strategy when I saw a YouTube video on this & the number of troops lasting in war while using this strategy. But, as we know it takes lots & lots of time in becoming master at a particular new strategy & so am I doing. I am also able to do 3 🌟s, but only in normal battles & that too on semi-maxed bases. I'm still a little nervous with this strat. & with all the steps to carry it out & so some attacks have also failed. I'm still hesitating to use this in wars because we have mostly TH.12 enemy bases in war & that to on the verge of maxing.
    So, want from my friendly colleague forumers, is to please give a detailed description of this strat. along with the YouTuber's channel who has described it, the best in his video. Also, please mention on what sort of base is it used(i.e. mostly on which sort of base designs; the CC used in this; it's(strategy's variations) & most important, what is the configuration of the infernos & xbows in this strategy(I mean, single or double or their combo for infernos, ground or both ground & air for Xbows) and all other such necessary details.
    I shall be very grateful for your efforts.

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    Im not going to give you a huge description because I myself am not an expert at it. But I would say that mainly you want a good funnel for your kill squad.

    You want to look for bases that have a large enough portion that can be cleared by bats without the need of like more than 1 freeze spell, and use your kill squad to kill an area where a large amount of splash lays

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    When I use it in farming and war it's a little different because for war I can customize to the base. Sometimes for example I'll use one or two edrags to funnel, if the shape of the base makes that a good idea. Sometimes there is a relatively external wiz tower that I can get with loons before the bats arrive.

    My farming pebobat comp is 6 pekka, 15 bowlers, 10 wiz (I honestly couldn't think of anything else to use), 5 freeze, 6 bats, cc pekka+ig+rage. This is actually very cost effective at th12: around 200k elixir and 2k de, making it a good comp for gaining both.

    Ideally I'll hit bases that have wiz towers clustered close enough together for the kill squad to get a bunch of them, and have single target infernos (or multis that the ks can get), but since this comp tends to take me to trophy levels where clouds are significant, I often don't have the luxury of nexting, and if I hit a non-optimal base I'll just accept that I won't do as well. The relatively large amount of freeze that I take is an effort to get the ww as far into the base as I can, and to compensate for the randomness of multiplayer attacks / the occasional need to freeze a bunch of different wiz towers.

    I'll start an attack with a pekka and 1-3 wiz to funnel on each side, then in the center, pekka, ww, heroes, remaining pekka, all but 2-3 wiz, and 10 bowlers. Then a few seconds later, the remaining 5 bowlers. Separating the bowlers makes it less likely that they'll all wander the same direction inside the base, and less likely that they'll all die together. As the attack progresses sometimes I'll use 1-2 freeze (for example if a single inferno locks onto the ww). The goal is for the KS to get all the way to the giga tesla, because bats will not be able to take it down. When the WW pops it's usually time to use rage. When either the GT goes down, or enough def are destroyed to give bats a path around it, I'll release bats on one edge, and then prepare to freeze buildings as needed to keep the bats alive. In a perfect situation the KS has cut a big bite out of the base and the bats can circle the C, so to speak. If the splash are all either centrally located or are on the path from the KS to eagle to GT, I'll sometimes have leftover freeze.

    This basic comp works with some variation at TH11 and TH10 as well, when I have someone willing to donate ww. For those I'll sometimes put bowlers in the CC. On my rushed 11 I will do a variant of this with something like 8 pekka, rest wiz, and cc bowlers. Earlier this month for some of the quests I was doing 2 golems, 10 giants, fewer pekka, rest wiz. You get the idea. The point is that the heavy kill squad/main attack doesn't need many spells to bash its way through the core.

    When it fails, it's often because the base has splash spread out, the main attack spreads out within the base instead of heading for the eagle/core, the ww dies prematurely, and/or I need lots of freezes for the main force and then don't have enough to keep the bats alive.

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