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Thread: Barn/Silo sizes per level???

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    Exclamation Barn/Silo sizes per level???

    The purpose for this post is to gather everyone's barn/silo size and level. I hear people ask all the time "is my barn good for my level?" or "my barn is so small for my level" or "wow your barn is so big". I would like to gather everyone's barn sizes and level's and then show the average barn sizes per level. I think it would be fun to see what the average barn size is per level. Maybe your barn isn't as small as you think it is. So if you would like to participate please just put your barn/silo size and level. If you have multiple farms you may put all of them. If you upgrade you may edit your post. Barn/Silo and level only! Try and keep chat to just the posting of your levels and sizes of your barn and silo. I'll post first to show an example. After a few weeks I'll gather all the numbers up and we'll see what the averages are. Happy Farming! GizmoSpike




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    Oh and if you have already responded to this in the Discord please don't respond again here so we don't get double data. Thanks!!

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    You can gather that kind of data from here
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    Thanks!. Didn't realize this existed already.

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