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    Clan games bugs

    Two I’ve noticed so far.

    The “Earn 2 stars in Multiplayer Battles against opponents in Titan League” doesn’t recognise a 2 star win. I’ve two starred twice since starting it but no progress is shown. I have reported it to in game support.

    Also there are two Destroy Xbow challenges. One gives 250 points for 4 xbows destroyed in 8 hours. (Reward is yellow so obviously a bonus) the other offers 250 points for 6 Xbows in 1 hours. (Reward is white so no bonus). Surely 6 xbows destroyed in an hour should be worth more points than 4 in 8 hours?! Lol.

    update: support got back to me and pointed out that both my targets were actually in champions league not Titans. Doh! My bad, I thought it worked on the league I was in, not the league the target was in.

    No bug, just user error!
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