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Thread: Screen Ratio Option for Newer Phones

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    Screen Ratio Option for Newer Phones

    Tl:dr Supercell should have an option for the standard 16:9 ratio and full screen.

    Long Version:

    There should be a screen ratio option for newer phones such as the Galaxy S10 and maybe the newer iphones with the notch. The screens cover up the whole front of the phone so the problem playing Clash of Clans on these phones is that just the slightest touch anywhere on the sceen will cause accidental issues such as accidental troop placements and not realizing it until half your troops are gone or clicking on a button only for it to go away because a tiny portion of your finger happened to touch the screen.

    I have the Galaxy S10 and I don't like playing Clash of Clans on this phone for these reasons. I always end up playing it on my S7.

    I don't know if anyone else has this issue, but having an option for the standard 16:9 screen ratio or full screen would be very helpful for those who do.
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    the curved edge on some of the galaxy phones is not good for clash, and just not good in general. that is the fault of Samsung, not supercells problem. I recommend supercell do nothing to remedy this. Samsung should not make these curved edge phones anymore. they are not practical and not easy to grip without touching the screen.

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