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Thread: LegionOfAllies- recruiting th12s

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    LegionOfAllies- recruiting th12s

    Clan name: LegionOfAllies
    Clan tag: #VULOCQ2Q
    Clan level: 10 - max perks

    LOA is a committed group of war players that are loyal and enthusiastic about clash. We always strive to be better and improve in everything we can do. We have been working very hard for the past year, getting our clan to level 10, and now that we have finally gotten this opportunity, we are now focusing more seriously in wars and CWL. Therefore, we are seeking loyal and active TH12s that are willing to help the clan through wars and CWL. We are a very active clan, with top notch fast donators and max troops at all times. We also max clan games and do b2b wars and CWLs. We have a 66% win rate and regularly go on streaks. Our clan bio is also important, and we use a group chat, where we communicate about war and have discussions, in an app called Band. If you are interested in joining, please commemt below before you join.

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