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Thread: Army for th9

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    Quote Originally Posted by MiddleC View Post
    Ah, youve given yourself quite a challenge, needing to both farm de for heros and wanting to trophy push. Higher leagues can pretty much cover the cost of de armies though. Govalk packs a punch, but can be de expensive.
    Thx for this bt suggest me any other army

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    Someone suggested dragloon without heroes. You can try that.

    Iíve done PEKKAs, Giants, wizards, and some wall breakers without heroes. However, that queen walk is going to help you get more of the base down or an extra star.

    Good luck!
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    Depends on how high you are trying to get.
    I'm a max th9, except heroes which are 20, 23. I am pushing to titans and am currently in champs 1. Before you begin pushing, I recommend you stay in masters 3 or so and max heroes. The army I have been using is: 1 Golem, 5 Wizards, 14 Valks, 4 Healers. Spells - 3 Earthquakes, 1 Heal, 2 Rage. CC - Electro + Earthquake.
    Electro is not important, however if you only bring 3 earthquakes you will need a fourth to destroy the walls. If no one is able to donate, you can take out 1 rage and substitute in an earthquake and freeze.

    What to look for: Try to find a th10 with a town hall that wont be to hard to access, and so that you wont have to get past more than 3 sets of walls to get to.
    How to attack:
    Drop earthquakes near town hall to open up a path to it. Then drop your queen along with healers to start funneling. Once queen starts taking damage, drop golem. If you drop the golem before the queen takes damage, the healers will instead heal the golem. After defenses are distracted with the golems, use wizards to clear out any other outside buildings that would attract your valks. Once the base is filtered, drop your king along with valks. Drop a rage once troops are near town hall, and use heal once valks are low. Drop electro where there is no air defense, only if you haven't already gotten 50%.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pb913 View Post
    Impossible....otherwise people would never upgrade to the next TH level. (please note you said ANY...and without hero's).

    In order to get 2 star on any TH10, you need max troops (of the type you use) and max heros and max troops in cc. Even with that theres still a chance vs a max TH10 you will not get the TH (especially if you attack from the side away from the TH.

    If you are looking for a good push army...then any war army is good. Without Hero's is the hard part.
    No such thing impossible.
    15 wizards 16 valkrie 1 golem 2 healing 1 rage 3 eq
    in cc : golem and 1 eq.
    easy to 2 star 😏
    golem is good but i prefer ice golems these days 😎

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