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Thread: Th10 Upgrade Path? League to be in?

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    Th10 Upgrade Path? League to be in?

    Just on the th10 grind and made some progress since last time here 😃 and wanted to check back in. What league should I be in to grind loot and what army to use (loonian or miner or qw miner). Also, what should I upgrade next after my new defenses to th9 level?

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    By the way in lab I am getting lvl 5 minions and next I am planning on either level 4 drags, level 7 wiz, or level 2 lava hound

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    Depends if you wanna hang in Crystal by farming dead bases with barch or gobs, or if you wanna push into champs or titans with miners and live off of the league bonus. Either option is viable. I've tried both strategies and honestly I was more comfortable in Crystal since upper champs (where the league bonus is actually worth it) is mostly TH11 and 12. You'll get matched by mostly TH10 in Crystal and generally can get loot quicker since your army takes less time and less elixir to train.
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    I am nearly a maxed th10 with 40/40 heroes and found great luck in low masters. a ton of dead bases up to a million of gold/elix with 8k dark with a 110k gold/elixer and 500 dark bonus. Rarely ever, assuming i didn't have a book of heroes, were my heroes awake during my grind and i played casually (an attack every few hours). For army I used mass miner or occasional QW miner. good luck.

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