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Thread: My queen thinks she is a bunny

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    Quote Originally Posted by Piper139 View Post
    Do not disrespect bunnies. The one in Monty python and the holy grail was one mean bunny. The queen may be channeling it.
    Quote Originally Posted by Night Crawler View Post
    I think you’re on to something, it actually looks like she’s on a horse, all she needs is the guys behind her with the coconuts
    what a way to start the day - can't unthink this now ...

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    you have imprinted that on my mind... thats so funny.. well done OP

    i think under her cloak she is on a pogo stick.
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    The drum majorette comment made me laugh, she does look like one, and now walks like one too. Great job there SC with the new skin...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Colin94 View Post
    ... or is she limping because her crossbow fell on her foot?

    Who else thinks that the walk animation of the queen skin looks odd?
    Well, this is funny

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    Thx ... I only can see my queen jumping around here base and over walls ... I think I have do change the skin :-(

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    Looks like she's riding a skateboard to me

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    Lol we are an Aussie clan, so we say she looks like a Kangaroo jumping instead of walking.... bunny....kangaroo... either way she has something funny going on

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    Anyone old enough to remember ‘space hoppers’? She’s riding one.

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    Cut the poor queen a break, she's carrying a lot of weight up front! You know, the crossbow.
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    LOL. Agree
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