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Thread: Defensive clan castle troops???

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    Defensive clan castle troops???

    So, I'm a good at pushing & farming. But, still struggling with war attack(every one does, lol) these days.
    I know, the forum is full of elite-class war attackers(war-lords/war-gods) and so I wanted to know what could be the best CC troops composition is there you all use. If possible, please give the composition along with the the classic armies they are good at defending against. That is, lava-hound with 2 loons in CC is certainly not good for defence against a lava-loonian attack as loons never attack loons & lava-hound is not a big threat for them.
    Please mention the composition along with the army it defends well against. Like : bowitch->Ice-Golem, or dragon->.... . And, do also tell which is the best among all, I mean if you don't have a guess that what armies the enemy clan is good at, so which CC troop compo. works best in most of the war attacks, no matter they are ground attack or underground attack or air-attack or half air-half ground attack.
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    a lot depends on the base itself. also looking at troops their war accounts have in camps before war can tip you off what armies they use

    2x witch baby arch is good 35 spot for hogs and miners. lotsa skel make lotsa bacon

    also use witch baby valk wiz arch. witch baby valk 5x arch. 2x witch baby goblin (cos high level goblins can be mistaken as valks in heat of battle)

    i've mixed witch baby valk with 2x witch baby arch and watched guys keep baiting the cc trying to get the valk to come out

    put ice golem witch 5x arch barb 2x goblin in a th10. not horrible cc in its own right but makes em wonder if ice golem be in other cc's. big goblins look like valks at a glance. lots of squishies mean may not be a complete cc draw. lots of squishies with diff looks and diff speeds hard to count if you got em all out

    drag and 5x minions can reduce damage % on anti-laloon th9. nothing helps a bad th9 base so use edrags to make them wonder what other bases may have edrags. mix in a few witch baby valk in the 9s to condition them to expect valks in your 10s

    witch baby 3x archer or 2x archer and goblin in th8s. i do have a th8 that with a drag loon cc is rarely threed by another th8. so again depends on base

    drags, witch valk, or baby valk 2x archer in the th7s and th6s. they are gonna be threed no matter. 10 and 15 cc's get babies or valk minion comps

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    We try to use a variety of compositions. I agree that the base layout matters somewhat too. A good generic composition is one strong troop, padded with a bunch of archers, on lower TH levels where people try to lure the CC. For a few seasons, in our low CWL clan, I'd put a dragon and rest archers in every war cc (for simplicity and effectiveness).

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    Keep in mind that there is no "best" defensive cc troop comp. The above posters mentioned some good comps.
    A piece of advice and as a starting point, ask yourself this: what kind of an attack is my base most likely to attract?
    Depending on the answer, the second question to ask is: what troops will be most effective at disrupting the attack?
    Disrupting can be forcing an attacker to use hero abilities before they planned to, or forcing said attacker to drop a spell or two before they mean to, or the attacker eats up a lot of time killing off your cc, etc.
    Different troops do different things; for example, a witch or 2, or even mass archers, can really screw up edrag attacks due to how long it takes to get an attack off. Respawning skellies are a nightmare for edrags.
    However, if your base is anti edrag, then such a comp may not be so good.
    If you can, look back at your war replays and take note of the attacks used against your clan's bases (the more wars you can view, the better). If you notice certain bases getting hit with the same/similar type of an attack, then think about what troops could disrupt such an attack and act accordingly.
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