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Thread: 2 Complete Max TH12s looking for Champions Clan

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    A friendly, mature, Aussie, War Clan. C3
    413 wins 123 losses
    Proud Member of the Aussie Clan Alliance

    I see you are looking for a clan! We invite you to check out AWW! Part of Aussie Alliance. We are relaxed yet serious war obsessed clashers. We are mostly adults but do have the odd whipper snapper amongst us to keep us feeling footloose and fancy free!!

    Why join us?

    • AWW is an organised War Clan. We use Discord to communicate.
    • We play for the enjoyment of the game and we all strive to become that little bit better at the game.
    • We offer a competitive war environment as well as B2B wars.
    • Members have a chance to be a part of all events, Potluck and other competitive game play with the ACA.

    Who are we looking for?

    • We are looking for players who love war and are active. We don't want members that just show up and perform both attacks.
    • We are NOT looking for a WHAM BAM THANK YOU MAAM attacker.

    • Looking for members that have a burning desire to become 3 star specialists.
    • No rushed bases
    • Seek active players who love to war!

    How to join AWW?
    Accepting in-game applications.
    Apply via our Discord server: 8KP58zs
    Discord is mandatory for all members.

    Look forward to meeting you soon :-)

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    Hello Chief,

    We'd like you to join us (PHi family clan). Main clan is level 18. Please join us through

    (1) **PHi** (level 18) (#YYQQ09): 565+ war wins | Champion League 3
    (2) **Iron Giants** (level 17) (#9GY0GC82): 397+ war wins | Master League 3
    (3) **ATX WOLVES** (level 16) (#LQYGYCQU): 406+ war wins | Crystal League 2
    **About Us:**
    🔥International Members
    🔥B2B Wars
    🔥Part of the Elite Nation
    🔥Team Player – family friendly, fun and supportive
    🔥Adult Clan – No kids / drama
    🔥Fair play – No mod / engineered / rushed / .5
    🔥Clan Game – Max
    **Looking for:**
    ⚡__**ANY**__ town hall level
    ⚡Use both attacks
    Apply via Discord:

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    I am co-leader of a clan that is in champions league. We are always looking for active members. We are an active adult Us based war clan call Iron Wolves. We war 3 times a week and are really a lot of fun. If you are interested, our clan tag is #PQQVVR2L

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    Quote Originally Posted by acarter634 View Post
    Title says it all. Me and my friend are looking for a skilled champions CWL clan. We are solid attackers and stay up to date with the current meta. We will gladly perform practice attacks when joining any potential clans to prove our talent.

    Thank you.

    Hi and welcome to Bangalore Hawks recruitment page!

    We're currently searching for active players for our clan !

    " Founded for the hardcore gamer in us all, the Bangalore Hawks family aims to bring together players who are dedicated to their craft, and tired of the casual Clash environment. Within our family, you will find only players who strive for the 3-star raid, aim to improve their technique at each opportunity, and also have a great time while doing it. " Quote from - our website.

    BangaloreHawks1 [LVL 16] #8VVC82UJ

    WAR WINS : 353 & COUNTING....
    TAG : #8VVC82UJ

    DISCORD @ ALAK#9618


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    United Kingdom
    PRISM - LEVEL 14 [#8YC8PP88]
    Main clan requirements:
    - English speaking only
    - Strictly adults only
    - Confident war attacker
    - TH9 (50 combined hero’s)
    - TH10 (60 combined hero’s)
    - TH11 (80 combined hero’s)
    - TH12 (100 combined hero’s)

    Second extension clan welcomes:
    - English speaking only
    - Strictly adults only
    - All players of all town hall and hero levels welcome, including beginners. If you don’t meet the main clan requirements, join here for the meantime.

    CWL? We will be running 30v30 in both clans meaning everyone who’s interested can be part of it, no one gets left out!

    We ALWAYS achieve MAX tier on clan games and WAR CONSTANTLY in both clans, you can opt out whenever necessary. No war pressure, just follow the war plan and use both attacks accordingly.

    We have a KIK group where we chat (it’s much easier than the in game keyboard and keeps your number private). It is mandortory for war as we discuss and post war plans there.

    We are a very active and competitive group, we like to win; however we play this game for fun alongside our busy schedules and jobs. Thanks to the clan being international (mostly USA/UK), donations are never left hanging and we friendly challenge for practise, there’s always room for improvement!

    If either clan sounds like the right clan for you, just mention ‘Lea in forums’ upon joining. Unsure? Add me as a friend and I will invite you to the appropriate clan.

    For any interest in clans merging, please add me on KIK to discuss further.

    My tag #2RQ9VUPV2
    KIK: LeaAtPrism

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