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Thread: Season pass

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    Season pass

    Just purchased the season pass and collected most of the rewards and for some reason the book of heroes, fighting and spells are not showing in magic items ?

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    you have collected them and they are not in the TH? Have you restarted the game? If they still don't show up [and they are no longer claimable] then your only option is SC CS - in game support...

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    another guess → did you had these books in your cc before you claimed the books from season pass? these books will not stack and will be converted to gems.

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    This seems weird. I have finished the season in the 2nd week and have collected everything successfully including the queen skin. Have u manually collected them? Normally completing wont work.

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    Don't collect anything unless you need it. Use it a bank for the month. My guess is that they converted in gems because the books don't stack unless you purchase them with cash.

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