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Thread: Sharing is Caring: How to get to 10K

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    If you have active clan mates have them delete and request if they are on chatting and not farming. Guys with multiple accounts requesting every ten minutes will be more than you can keep up with without boosting. Good Luck.

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    I forgot...
    Similar to dayone above, I am at 15k ish (both visible in direct link in my sig, or in leaderboard thread).
    I have never been in a req&go clan to donate (only to receive a few times ).
    I have donated them all in my 2 clans since the achievement started.
    I am usually not using 1-gem donations (always forget), and have never had gold passes.
    I sometimes gem straight out the spell in ‘factory’ lol.

    My only advice: when under shield, or not planning to attack, ‘cook’ spells to donate.
    I do that also for troops.

    when not planning to raid, my camps contain the army I plan to use next, my queue contains at this time (due to many th7-11 in my clan now):
    - 2 rage, 2 freeze, 1 eq, 1 poison, 1 skelly, 1 bat, and 1 haste.
    - 4 loons (my army is 14lo+7ed), 1 ed, 1golem, 1 lava, 1 pekka, 7 giants, 5 hogs, 1 witch, 1 icey, 1 wiz and a few arcs.
    (and total 6sm: 4ww, 1ss, 1bb)

    With the above I can cover 99% of any request from my mates.
    I have donated 15k this season, and am semi retired... My best in memory is about 20k in a 2-week season, but I’m not a huge donator, I am more consistent over time, that’s how I got 750k troops and 15k spells...

    To mention, my 2 clans have had ups and downs, but we’ve had some serious donators there too (my L236 isn’t the highest of my mates...).

    Just for fun I graphed all my donation, attack and level history in CoS, with 3 of my mates... i am the yellow curve:, just to show that I was not even the highest donator (except last season, as I am restarting a clan, almost alone).

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    Been playing since November 2014 and always been in an active clan,hence the 21k donations.

    Never gemmed a donation in my life either.

    Mini account is on 18.6k.

    The clans I have been in (only 4)have zero donation/request rules or ratios required.

    I only ever do "big" raids so am often waiting for heroes to recover and have troops and spells ready to donate from the training bar.
    Some of my clannies are extremely active and do lots of small raids and are in constant need of troops/spells slammer and I've never been precious about donating.

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    I hop to random clans and donate spells with 1 space once a week or so.....i'll be done around th15 or so i think

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    I’m at 11,271.

    When I see a request, I fill it. I donate what is requested, regardless of cost. And with one gem donations, I’ll generally gem it if I don’t already have it ready.

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    If you are in an active clan and "Care to share" it's not that difficult. Just donate whenever a request is open... if you do that you are truly caring for sharing.

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    That's true. I play since spring 2017 and my sharing is caring count is 8'200. An active clan is the solution.

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    I am at 43,432. Just be active and keep donating. Its like pushing to legends. The more active you are, the more you can donate or push.
    TH9 | Level 262| 1649 war stars | 2B GG, 1.89B EE, 8m HH

    Friend in Need 1.74 million | Sharing is Caring 45k | BH8 PB 4600
    Player Tag #CVL802G

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    Stay in a clan which is very active ...

    This will lead to excessive donations👍..

    Thats how iam pushing to exp level 250!

    note : my exp level is now 231

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    I was shocked to see I am only at 4201 on this
    But I assume I will get there. it sure would help if they would allow spells to perk up and 1 person can donate 2 single spot spells at one time

    and FWIW it don't matter one bit if ANY donations happened via 'gold pass' or gem(s) or event(s). it all is additive and all counts regardless. no need to pat yourselves on the back too hard, may strain a ligament or muscle .

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