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    How about after 5 minutes, start searching for lower leagues? Less trophies, but at least it's something. I just got to legends last week and this is painful, can't attack on a smoke break at work, you literally need to make sure you have around 20 minutes to make an attack, I know there's plenty on here about complaining about clouds and I don't complain much, it's a fun game and lots of improvements have been made since I started but , there has to be a simpler way to deal with this issue, I wanted to reach legends bc I'm almost completely max 12 , that was my last achievement really and now I see what all the complaining was about. To wait 10 minutes in the clouds just to see a " can't attack until personal break" ??? Or Just drop shields in legends league? Ahhh.. I'm done, thanks for reading and sorry about the rant

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    Operation blue skies is scheduled for June. Ish. It will bring a change to legends that may be better. May not. But will be different.
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