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Thread: Th11 Need A Clan

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    Th11 Need A Clan

    I'm looking for a family friendly clan. That is laid back and mature. I am a bit rushed Th11 so I would want to stay out of wars for now until I upgrade my troops and defenses. I do have a couple of minis that would be able to war. Max TH8, almost maxed TH8, maxed TH8. I am trying to get back into the game after a long break. I am US based.

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    You've been added to Clash Champs recruiting posting to 31 discord servers. Expect some invites.
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    Check out FLATLINE 2.0 Level 14 #P9QYU8UR. Relaxed mature environment. Farm/Casual/CWL War where war is optional not require, but we do war and take it serious. No app to download but this is Wichita family clan of 4 discord server you are welcome to swing by and chat with us. Mention Muoi sent you or from forum in request to join. Have a great day!!!!!

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    We are a very active clan and very successful at war. We currently have a 90% war winning record, and we always obtain all rewards from clan games. We are an adult clan without drama and a very active clean chat.

    We have plenty of donations; we are an International clan, so this means donations around the clock.

    Come check us out.

    We are looking for extremely active players just like ourselves. Promotions are available!

    One Man Army


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    We would enjoy having you in MoreBeer if you are looking for an active relaxed war clan (lvl14) Clan Tag #Y2G08R8R. Always max out clan games and it is up to you if you want to war or take a break. We make a game out of who can donate first and enjoy new members.
    Cheers, CadenSeth

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    Daily Bump.

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    Looking for more active members, check us out

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    Thats exactly what we are all about fun/competitive!

    Check us out! #29G2P0YUC

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    FallingPhoenix (#22LR9JUJY)


    We are a new professional clan looking to find new member to call home.

    What we are looking for:
    - Maturity
    - Activeness
    - War Skill
    - Cooperative
    - Non Rushed

    We are accepting TH4-12's. Read the rules before application.
    If you are looking for a new, fresh clan with veterans as well as beginners, check us out!

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