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Thread: Th 9.5 looking for a good clan that wars a lot to get better with. (NA)

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    Th 9.5 looking for a good clan that wars a lot to get better with. (NA)

    TH 9.5
    Just started playing again recently and i am looking for a decent clan to join that i can war with and practice attacks. Preferably on the slightly more casual side, so i can ♥♥♥♥ up all i want. Chill/mature community preferred. NA based.

    Please leave your clan info down below if interested in having me (Name, war frequency, etc.)

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    Follow this link if you're interested in joining!

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    King's Landing is looking for warriors to join our family

    Who we are:-

    King's Landing Clan started by a group of friends who are serious about war and farming.We are fun loving and still upgrading our clan war strategies. Presently consisting of 13 players. Level 2 clan doing back to back wars.

    What we admire:-

    -Being active
    -Not asking for any promotions as it is earned
    -using both attacks in war ,planning both attacks.

    Who can join:-

    TH 8 and up players who are looking for a friendly clan to join and grow with. No rushed bases.

    Experienced three-star war players,to learn and grow are both welcome, just be open to work as a team, learn and grow.

    As of now we are going on to back to back wars.You can opt out whenever you feel like.


    Send an ingame invite with a message "Siddharth" in it. We will accept you during war.

    Clan Name:- King's Landing
    Clan Tag :- #20JP0L28J

    Do check me out ,my id is "2LG2LGUU"

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    #8UCRP8CL. MN ICE. Mostly US based but we do have players in Europe. Adult clan. We war twice a week (optional), always max clan games, and are in crystal 2 for war leagues. Everyone is put on the league roster to get medals but only volunteers actually war. No drama. No silly rules. Just adults having fun. Put piper sent you in the invite if you drop by.
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    IGN: Piper139 #2PQQR9Q22

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    Check out FLATLINE 2.0 Level 14 #P9QYU8UR. Relaxed mature environment. Farm/Casual/CWL War where war is optional not require, but we do war and take it serious. No app to download but this is Wichita family clan of 4 discord server you are welcome to swing by and chat with us. Mention Muoi sent you or from forum in request to join. Have a great day!!!!!

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    We are a very active clan and very successful at war. We currently have a 90% war winning record, and we always obtain all rewards from clan games. We are an adult clan without drama and a very active clean chat.

    We have plenty of donations; we are an International clan, so this means donations around the clock.

    Come check us out.

    We are looking for extremely active players just like ourselves. Promotions are available!

    One Man Army


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    Hello, my clan is called Reckoned Rebel. Clan tag #2RGJVVJU We are an established family clan, very chill and friendly environment. We are level 14. As a clan, we love to war, although it isnít required. We always complete clan games and work hard in CWL. Our current war log reps a 74% winning percentage. Come check us out!
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    Hello Clasher

    Looking for new members (like who isn't right) to join and learn from each other. What's up if your still looking for a good close group that loves war and farming and just enjoying that game that we all love then check out whupazz X2 clan tag #U809YR8

    And if you stop by pls mention your from the forums and nisstro or darko sent you so you don't get rejected. Good group of guys that have been hanging around for a while (4+yrs). We are a bunch of adults who like to farm,war,builder hut playing, so we are not a hard core war clan but the participation it there. Take it easy and keep on clashing bud. So if you are looking for a new home or a good chat then stop in the L17 clan. Make sure you say you saw the post we might be in war k.

    We also use kik for more detailed information, but not required or in fact I dont think we even still use it lol.

    Also have another clan called Ascendente #2YRGY9LY looking for some leaders to join that one, in the Hope's of getting new players helping them to learn and grow their account

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    We would enjoy having you in MoreBeer if you are looking for an active relaxed war clan (lvl14) Clan Tag #Y2G08R8R. Always max out clan games and it is up to you if you want to war or take a break. We make a game out of who can donate first and enjoy new members.
    Cheers, CadenSeth

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