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Thread: Dealing with the Crusher....

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    Dealing with the Crusher....

    How about a topic we can all discuss....

    What are you best strategies for dealing with the Crusher when it is situated inward, toward the edge of the base’s core?

    One solution - clear a path to the Crusher then send in first one RB followed by 6 or so, timed so the first triggers the Crusher to drop and the others get there just afterwards and take it out.

    Another - clear a path to the Crusher then send a coupe of SAs at it.

    What are some others?
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    One thing to watch out for with the one RB followed by a bunch of RBs is that if the first RB makes it to the crusher but is taken out by another defence before the crusher drops, yet still triggers the crusher, then the crusher will drop immediately when the following RBs reach it.
    So what you need to do is distract/destroy nearby defences so one RB actually takes damage from the crusher, then it won’t drop immediately on the following RBs.

    I also use the SA method, and sometimes BDs. The BD method often requires distracting ADs with other BDs to give the crusher BD a chance.

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    One of the best tactics to destroy Crushers is to use Cannon Carts. With good range and good damage, and a BM to soak up and possibly some Boxer Giants you can do good around them... Or if they're a bit exposed, few Sneaky Archers can easily do the job...
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    Quote Originally Posted by WastingGems View Post
    SC missed the boat with this update.
    Quote Originally Posted by Darian[Supercell] View Post
    It was never the dev team's intention to leave the Town Hall side of the base behind.
    Although they did leave it behind.
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    Hold down barbarians with all 5 fingers at once hopefully they run all into the crusher and kill it before it can fall down.

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    I really haven't had much issue with the Crusher lately like I did back a year ago or so.. Seems like a few Giants and a Cannon Cart or two usually take them out so that I can get a fairly good score...

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    drop minions

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    Quote Originally Posted by silversnake33 View Post
    drop minions
    yep, I don't worry about crushers with my minion drop attack

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    For inside i send my rb then the bm amd send in the cannon carts

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