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Thread: Looking for derby competitive neighborhood

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    Looking for derby competitive neighborhood

    Hi! Iím level 62 and am very competitive in the derby.

    Iím looking for:
    - Competitive: 9 or 18 tasks with 320+/400 points
    - Not paying diamonds for extra tasks
    - Winning gold
    - English speaking
    - Shared derby log
    - Helping others
    - Communication

    I donate anytime I can and am happy to sell to neighbors for cheap. I took a couple years off from hay day and am getting back into the swing of things! Let me know if I sound like a good fit for your farm.

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    Hi georgia, heres our ad, see if we are what uare looking for. Cheers. ��WANTED WANTED, AUSSIE, NZ, USA, UK,UN players or thereabouts lol��

    WANTED♥WANTED WANTED ,Our hood is looking for 2 new Adult Members (no children) to join.♥

    We have english speaking members worldwide, mainly Australia & USA, Someone is on all the time, we like Active, Helpful,Chatty Derby playing members, who love to have fun, come, check our hood out, we are waiting for you.☺

    NO♥Silent Players or Forum or Kik♥Traders♥- please don't apply! If you join our hood, you must be chatty. Trade Only within our hood!

    We are a Champion Derby playing hood. (Must participate in derby,♥( unless you Opt out) -
    Minimum♥9 tasks x 310 points. 320-400 for special derby.♥Your choice if you want to do 10,( a lot of our members do 10). We are very loyal & support each other to benefit the hood as a whole, very much like one big happy family. Our hood is team oriented -working as a team gets results. (Please dont apply to join if you are only looking for expansion items) - no drama in our hood just fun fun fun & happy farming. Yes we do the birdhouse donations and the Town. No delayed starts.

    We also have a Facebook Group just for our hood only, to communicate, make sugestions, keep in touch, vote, etc., which you MUST join.♥We look forward to meeting you.♥♥

    Our symbol is red cherry on a blue shield.♥Message me first,♥ as we are invite only
    then tell me your level and what country you are in, give me your tag and il send you friend request, you accept then i can invite you to join,♥hurry before next derby starts.☺

    Cheers, Robyn the Aussie Leader.☘

    Our Hood is called: The Active Help
    Neighbourhood Tag = C9GLJ9C

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    Sent you a pm! Y'all sound like a great fit for me!

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