Before you read this, keep in mind this post doesn't have a real purpose, im just making it because I am bored.

When I first started playing clash about three years ago, I became instantly obsessed, my username was RaidersFTW because I could not think of a better name and my cousin had just made the NFL football team. I joined a small clan and was surprised by how desperate they were for members, but that was before I knew how things worked in the game. After being in the clan for a couple days I realized I no longer wanted to be in that clan because the leader seemed to have given up and didn't play anymore, but I was too low level to join an actual good clan, so I decided to make my own. VoidX was probably the most successful clan I have led so far, I created it three years ago and I still keep in touch with two of the original members. One of my closest internet friends, Chris and I decided it was time to shut the clan down because it was too inactive, this was one of my biggest mistakes. VoidX had gotten to level 3, and it was just about to become level 4. Instead of rebuilding the clan, we decided to start a new clan, this time it wasn't so successful, and only made it to level 2. After that we created one more clan, and I gave up on clash. A little over a year later I got back into the game to find that lots of things had changed, you could no longer engineer bases like you used to be able to, and there were clan games and leagues. Even though this was all so confusing to me, I did what I had always done, made a clan. It was called Raiders, at the time, I was a rushed town hall nine, with only one goal, recruit. After about a month I had improved my base a ton, and the clan was coming along great, it was level three, I had trusted cos, and we were doing constant wars to farm xp. But after awhile people grew inactive, and I became demotivated, so I made one of my cos leader, this was one of my biggest mistakes. About an hour later Cryptic (the new leader) decided that it would be a good idea to kick everyone and delete the clan that we had been working on for a long time even though he had been there from the start. After that he proceeded to block me on all social media so I had no way of contacting him. To this day I still do not know why he did it, maybe it was because I had given up on the clan, or maybe he too gave up, whatever the reason, it still hurt even though I was no longer the leader. Shortly after that I joined a level 14 clan that was very strict, and I changed my username to Rain. I was in night moves for a few months, and even though it was an organized and fair clan, I still felt like I needed to lead. So I left and started a new clan, KarmaTM, I am still leading Karma, and it is very new, almost level two. I have learned from my past mistakes and I will not continue to give up, instead I will always remember Void, and Raiders, and all the other clans that I gave up on. I encourage anyone reading this to do the same, don't be discouraged when things don't go as planned, because everyone started at the same place, and the only way to get from there is to persevere, and never give up.