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Thread: Viva Vino Vineyards Tag: #9YRJYG2Y Prime Vineyard Location is Available for You!

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    Viva Vino Vineyards Tag: #9YRJYG2Y Prime Vineyard Location is Available for You!

    Looking for your Happy Place? Prime Vineyard Location is Available for You!

    Viva Vino Vineyards is a community of friendly, helpful and happy folks who welcome new neighbors. We enjoy a casual derby, friendly chat and an occasional glass of virtual wine. If you are Level 59 and above, wed be happy to help your farm grow!

    It is great to leave the stresses of the day for a while to meet at the vineyard where we tend our farms, generously help our neighbors, chat a bit, and graciously lend support. We encourage politeness, derby participation and good communication. We are players who realize that sometimes, real life takes priority over the game.

    We are in the Champion League each week and our goal is to get all horseshoe prizes. Neighbors should plan to get a minimum 2600 points each week. (Tasks above 290). Earning horseshoes benefits all participants and helps us grow our farms! Opt outs are OK if you are having a busy week.

    English speaking International members are welcome. Adults only please! Most of our members are in the US, CA and EU.

    Join us at our Happy Place where well toast you with a glass of our virtual vintage Neighborly Nectar!

    Viva Vino Vineyards
    Tag: #9YRJYG2Y
    Level: 59+
    Minimum Derby Points: 2600
    Language: English

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    Come join us!

    Friendly, helpful, relaxed folk seeking new neighbors.

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    Join us for the next derby. Cheers! 🥂

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    Join us in our happy place! 🥂

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