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Thread: Do I need ballons at level 6 if doing a lavaloon attack?

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    Don't forget to update haste as well! Rage is good for heavy sections (where there may be lots of ADs/Xbows/IT. But having more hastes really helps as you work around a base. Plus it balances out the cost so that it is low DE and low elixer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnnyPC View Post
    A mistake I often see is that people drop the hounds first then loons second. Net result is that the fast hounds get to the ADs and pop before the super slow loons get anywhere near the base. Drop loons first, hounds second; with good timing the hounds will overtake the loons before defenses lock on the loons, but at least the loons will be closer to defenses than had you dropped them second.

    Another mistake is spraying and praying - instead, take some time to plan the path of the loons from one defense to the next. It only takes 3-4 loons to one-shot a single defense. Less loons on a single defense will require a second bomb drop, which is slow and wastes time. More loons on a single defense is overkill; those extra loons could have spent those bombs on a different defense. In other words if 4 loons can one-shot a defense, then putting 8 loons on one defense is a waste of 4 loons; those 8 loons would have been able to take out 2 defenses with better placement/pathing of 4 loons per defense.

    A last mistake is raging the hounds hoping they'll take out the ADs faster - those hounds are only for tanking the defenses; rage the loons.

    Then of course there are lots of variant strategies with kill squads, lightning spells, etc.
    Thanks, very helpful

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    Level 5 balloons are not terrible but really UP compared to their level 6 equivalent. If you want to attack a maxed out TH8 or a TH9 you just need level 6 balloons. On a bad base it might work with lower levelled loons but in war that’s honestly not a good idea.

    Some other people have given you a lot of tips already. Another thing I’d like to add is taking out the queen and CC before you deploy your loons/hounds. If the queen is low levelled (level 1-10) you shouldn’t worry too much about it but otherwise she can literally kill your attack if you’re unlucky. CC also very important. Your loons and hounds don’t target CC troops, so just taking a poison IS NOT ENOUGH. I can’t stress that enough, because I see so many people attacking with lavaloon, an electro dragon pops out of the CC and they think a poison will manage it. No it does not, not at all. Keep that in mind.
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    Loons upgrade at TH9 is one of the best in the game (very much as it was with hogs at TH8). But Lavaloon is a hard attack to master. On the other hand it's one of the most successfull at any TH level from TH9 on. Plenty of good suggestion in this thread to work with. That being said DO upgrade loons to 6. They are a lot stronger and should be #1 lab priority at TH9. GL

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    Level 5->6 loons is the most significant upgrade in the entire game for its relative town hall level.

    ill echo something someone wrote earlier in the thread. The defending AQ is the most important defense against laloon, and failing to have a way to kill her will end in disaster, especially at higher levels. At th9 a level 30 AQ will massacre a pack of loons far more quickly than an AD will, and the loons will just ignore her.

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