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Thread: Town Hall 10 Looking for competitive War Clan w CWL, and good donations.

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    Town Hall 10 Looking for competitive War Clan w CWL, and good donations.

    I've been playing clash since around 2011, I stopped playing in 2016-2017 and started back recently. I was a town hall 9 with level 20 hero's. I'm currently a Town Hall 10, with both level 3 infernos, good walls. good army comps, max golems, bowlers, and my witches are going up next. My hero's are both level 25 at the moment, and my preffered attack is Bowlers with Witches, and a golem or 2. with Ice golem and freeze spell in Clan Castle. I request for ice golems or bowlers often. if this isn't a problem and you are a good warring clan. Post your war log and clan info here please
    Founder: CausingProblems / War Clan: 107 Wins / #2UOQCYQ/Inquiring for TH+ Co-Lead

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    WichitA (Level 19) Clan Tag #20RJ29PL. Adults War Clan/CWL. We are primarily USA based plus some International . We're Fairplay clan. No Kids. No Drama. No pressure to 3*. Fun and Relaxing environment but yet competitive during war. War back to back with option to opt out. No app to download but we do have discord server you are welcome to swing by and chat with us. Mention Muoi sent you or from forum in request to join. Have a great day!!!!!

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    We are a very active clan and very successful at war. We currently have a 90% war winning record, and we always obtain all rewards from clan games. We are an adult clan without drama and a very active clean chat.

    We have plenty of donations; we are an International clan, so this means donations around the clock.

    Come check us out.

    We are looking for extremely active players just like ourselves. Promotions are available!

    One Man Army


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    Act of Violence ( #8YLQJUVV): A lvl 15 Social/War clan. Back to back wars with a 60% war win rate of over 500 wars! We are great group of active clashers from around the globe, but we are USA based. We are interested in non rushed, active clashers looking to grow learn and have some fun. We focus not only on wars but clan games as well. We use discord to communicate mostly outside of clan chat. Wars are structured and strict. If you follow the rules and help our team we are happy to have you! When requesting please put FORUM in the description.

    *th8 upwards
    *non rushed (including heroes)
    *active and loyal
    *opt in/out for wars(including CWL)
    *clan games (We always max)
    *Discord preferred
    *Fair Play
    *Team Player

    ✌️ AoV Leadership

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    Destroyer, leader of “clan of waz”, here.
    We’re a new clan, admittedly, so the perks aren’t great but reasons you should join are simple.
    Are clan is growing. Fast. We have a very positive war log because even tho we’re new we don’t take incomplete participation. Whenever we kick someone they may rejoin in 24 hours. If they do then it means it war a legitimate accident that they missed whatever they did. After all, it’s just a game. Life happens. Opting out is totally okay but if you’re in participation is expected.
    The requirements to join are few. All you have to do is attack, donate what’s asked, and respect the other regular rules of all clan.

    If you’d like to join contact me through this, join in-game tag:#28LPU8CU0, or contact me on discord @ME#4241
    Can’t wait to see you!

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    We are a casual but active clan of mature players. A majority of our clan is TH10- We have a good core group and are looking to add to that.

    We are currently looking for TH10+(non rushed) players who are friendly, active, and are interested in warring and clan games.

    We welcome newer players wanting to improve their war skills, contribute to clan games or experienced players wanting a supportive group and home!

    Clan Tag: #Y002UJ8V
    Clan Name: DAD'S ARMY
    Clan Level:17
    Clan War League: Master's III
    Clan Location: Mostly from the U.S.A. and some from Canada, India.
    Clan Members: TH 10 to TH 12
    War Frequency: Three times a Week.
    Clan Games: No current quota but we ask that everyone aims to contribute at least 1500. We always make max tier and many max trophies. Doing just the minimum will lead to you being asked to move on.
    Donations: We ask that you only request Max troops for War or special circumstances. This gives everyone a chance to contribute. With that said, most clan mates are high enough that you will get High level troops (if not max).

    Age Requirement: We are an adult clan. You MUST be 18 years or older to join the clan. We don't want any immature players. You will be removed if you are acting overly immature in chat or in wars.

    Be Active: We want an active clan. We are looking for members who are active in donations, war (unless upgrading heroes) and clan games. We remove inactive members at the end of each season.

    While you do not have to chat all the time, we do want to hear from you. Say "Hello" if you pop on to let us know you are alive and still kicking! English only in chat.

    Donation requirements: In order to ensure an active/donating environment, we require minimum troop donations per season based on town hall level. Players who do not meet donation requirements may be removed from the clan.

    TH9-10: 1000 donations
    TH11-12: 1500 donations

    What can I donate?
    Max level troops are required for War requests. Otherwise, you may donate any level troops for farming/raiding requests. This gives our lower level players the opportunity to donate and meet the donation requirements.

    War Rules:
    We war three times per week. However, they are completely optional. Anyone is welcome to participate.

    • Follow the war plan. High level war plans are given out at the beginning of a new war. You will be removed from war or booted from clan for repeatedly not following the war plan.
    • Use both attacks in war. You will be removed from war or booted from clan for repeatedly not using both attacks in war.
    • Learn from mistakes. We will never kick someone out for failing a war attack. We want you to learn from your mistakes, ask questions, try new attacks, etc…
      • We will be glad to help you improve but we expect you to put in the effort.

    Clan Games:
    We always max out the clan game rewards, often within the first few days.

    We want active members in the clan and want everyone to participate in Clan Games. This helps the entire clan to get the maximum rewards. Participation is not mandatory but if we see a pattern of someone doing minimum effort to get the rewards, that person will be removed from the clan. We prefer that you not participate at all vs. doing the minimum.

    Clan War League:
    We currently have 15-20 active participants. We try to include everyone that commits and participates in Wars.
    We bring anyone opted into War to CWL and then try to rotate players whenever it is possible and makes sense to do so. This is decided by Clan leaders and as you can expect your TH level, offense/defense and skill level are part of this.

    Requirements Recap:

    *Age: 18+
    *Be Active: Chat, donate, war, clan games...
    *Must meet the minimum troop donation per season based on TH level.
    *Wars are optional but you must follow the war plan and use both attacks if you are in war.
    *Clan Games are optional but encouraged. We want to see more than minimum participation to get rewards.
    *English only in chat.

    To Join:

    When requesting to join, type "spoke to CHIEF TANAY in the Forums"

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    Clan name : P.K
    Tag : #GJ98028L
    Level 12 war clan
    We would be glad to have you. You need to be able to converse in either english or urdu.
    A few of our war members have gone inactive so we're looking for new guys.
    No insulting
    No wrong donations
    Use both war attacks
    Get at least 2000 points in clan games
    Time Zone : GMT+5

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