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Thread: По клан

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    По клан

    У меня всплыла не плохая идея создать в игре казну клана, а распределять её сможет только глава. В казне будит хранится все виды ресурсов в том числе и кристаллы. В казну клана будут идти ресурсы за разные участия в событиях. Эту идею можно доработать, я думаю многим игрокам это понравится.
    --Вторая моя идея--
    Как на счёт сделать игровое изменение в кв в плане бонуса?
    Например помимо бонуса ресурсов добавить кристаллы в не большом количестве, допустим начинается кв 10 на 10 и за победу можно получить 50 или больше криссталов. И криссталы пойдут в казну клана.
    Это не плохая идея, я думаю игроков ещё больше затянет в игру.
    I had a good idea to create a clan treasury in the game, and only the head can distribute it. The treasury awakens all kinds of resources, including crystals. Resources will go to treasury of a clan for different participation in events. This idea can be improved, I think many players will like it.
    --The second is my idea--
    How about making a game change in square in terms of a bonus?
    For example, in addition to the resource bonus, add crystals in a small amount, let's say it starts at 10 by 10 and you can get 50 or more crystals for the victory. And the crystals will go to the clan's treasury.
    This is not a bad idea, I think the players will draw more into the game.
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    We speak mainly english here on the forums, Id suggest using google translate even though its not perfect to convey your idea to many of the forumers here

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    I get the gist of what is being said here, I think.

    You want a clan treasury where people who participate in clan related events for resources get their rewards sent to the clan treasury.

    Then what?

    Can the the clan leader distribute the resources how they deem fit?

    This means that they would be able to take all the resources for themselves.

    This is obviously a bad idea *shocker*

    We already get the resources that we earn from clan events.

    So that leaves the idea of getting gems (not crystals) for clan events.

    I think that possibly supercell could make gems a reward for CWL, but prob not for games or regular war.

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    Honestly just sounds like another form of resource sharing which is ruled out.

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