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Thread: [P.K] Level 12+ War Clan

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    [P.K] Level 12+ War Clan

    P.K Clan Recruitment Thread

    Who we are
    Time Zone : GMT+5
    Clan Location : Pakistan
    Languages : English / Urdu
    League : Crystal III

    Why join us

    Friendly environment
    Learning new strategies for war and farming
    War is not obligatory
    Always at war
    All types of donations

    No cursing / insulting
    No wrong donations
    Always use both attacks in war
    Get at least 2000 points in clan games
    Stay active
    Elder free, as long as you're active
    Co-leader on trust

    Town Hall 5+
    No rushers
    No hoppers
    Must have level 5 BK at th 8, combined hero levels 30 at th 9, 50 at th 10, 70 at th 11, 80 at th 12.

    War log
    Wins: 189
    Losses: 110
    Draws: 13
    Total: 312


    How to join
    Use this special form to submit an application.

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    Bump. Still recruiting.

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    Bump. Join for cwl.

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