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    help with lost village i can see

    i got disconnected from my village when phone broke, but know full details of th, trophies #number etc. friends whose clan i was in can still see the village on their friends list.
    is there ANY way to connect this village to my new phone without going thru support and their 100 questions?
    i tried a couple of google posts going thru google play games, but never get the "restore village" screen.any help most welcome, my super cell account does not seem to be any help.

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    did you register with supercell ID (SCID)? if so you can register a new base, get a code sent to your registered email address, enter code into CoC and job done

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    Was your village connected to google play or was it 'just' a local village on the device? From what OP writes, it seems like the village was never connected? Your best bet is to get in touch with Supercell Customer Support - nobody here on the forums can help

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    op had account problems in september and early last year. wonder why he has now problems again? guess op should have learned to save his villages with gplay/gamecenter/scid.

    op as others mentioned → use gplay/gamecenter/scid to load your village on a new device. if your village is not saved with scid and your new device has a different os than your broken phone you will have to get a device with the same os zo load your village and save it with scid to play it on every supported os.

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    First of all there’s no restore village option where you can simply punch in some bits of information which everyone could see in game and get hold of a village that way. It would be a real mess if you could.

    Now the key question is did you ever connect that village to anything like Game Center (iOS) Google Play (Android) or Supercell ID ?
    > if yes, then you can get access to that village provided you have the credentials to log in. In case of GC or Google Play you need to log in and do a fresh CoC install on a device, play through the tutorial and at one point it will say there’s a village found and whether you want to load that. If you use SCID you can simply log in through settings provided you still have access to the email address because when loading on a new device it will send a verification number.

    > if no or you don’t have the proper information anymore then there’s no other option but to go through support and their “100 questions”. In this case you better make sure you know the answers of their 100 questions and you’ll use up your one time village recovery for that account.

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