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Thread: Crusty Knights #PURYYOP9 | Lvl 13 War Clan | Recruiting TH6 and above

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    Crusty Knights #PURYYOP9 | Lvl 13 War Clan | Recruiting TH6 and above

    Crusty Knights (#PURYYOP9), a level 13 war clan looking for some active clashers. The clan is currently rebuilding. Most of our past players stopped playing, so looking for some good players to replace them.

    If you are willing to participate in wars and upgrade base, heroes and troops feel free to join us. We are aiming to have a refreshing and active environment in our clan.

    We are good at Clan Games. Always complete clan games.

    Currently we are a level 13 Clan with 25 members and are always at war.

    Total Wars: 480 Wins: 328 | Losses: 141 | Draws: 11

    Non-Rushed TH6 and above can join with us.

    1) Must use both attacks in war. Opt out when heroes are down.
    2) Be a loyal Team player and be cool in chat.
    3) Help out others with donations.
    4) Need players to complete Clan Games and play Clan War League.

    So if this sounds good to you then it would be great to have you, so come and join us.

    NB: If your are willing to merge your clan with us, please contact us.

    Check us out:

    Clan Name: Crusty Knights
    Clan Tag: #PURYYOP9
    (Reduced both trophies to zero, so you guys can join. please mention "forum" on request)

    Thanks, and hope to see you soon.

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