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Thread: Level 10 War Clan Recruiting

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    Level 10 War Clan Recruiting

    Hey everybody, We're a group of work buddies getting back into the game after a brief hiatus, looking to find a few more people to join the team! We're all experienced, pretty easy going, and good with donations. USA based, English speaking required, we're not gonna make you join a discord or anything, we don't take phone games that serious haha. Constant wars and active for clan games and stuff. If you wanna check it out, clan tag is #9GQVLYJJ Thanks guys!

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    still recruiting!

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    bump bump bump

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    on a nice war streak you guys are missing out ^.^

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    Seeking active players for war and clan games

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    Won our last war. Next one looks promising for another win. Clan games are approaching. Join up and have some fun

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    Seeking active players. The more the merrier

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    On the lookout for fresh, active players.

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    Daily bump

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    Actively searching for fresh active players for wars, clan games, and CWL. Check us out!

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