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Thread: Hyper rushed th12 looking for help farming.

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    Hyper rushed th12 looking for help farming.

    I hyper rushed a mini account to help donating but now the clan is dead and I am trying to fix it. It has around th8 level defenses now and the heroes are 14/14/7. While this account may seem useless, it has maxed e-drags which allows it to triple all th10 and many 11s, making it useful for cwl. It can also help out with donating e-drags and sieges.

    Account name Kevin778

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    Hey! LEVEL 5 clan looking for good TH10+

    Add me so I know you’re from forums #2RGL0092R

    If you want to war make sure you’re good at attacking but donations are appreciated aswell !

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    Normally we don’t provide homes to rushed bases but it sounds like your qualities far outweigh your disadvantage. We’re a new clan with a very positive war record. We’re called “clan of waz”. Join if you’d like. The leader is destroyer (me). Contact me here, join, or on discord @ME#4241

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    We will gladly accept you. We could use those donations. Being honest with you, taking you to war is a liability. But, we can talk about that over in chat. Head on over.


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