I really feel the need of having more quick-train training slots to the game as now we've only 3, which is not enough for a higher TH.(say 10, 11 or 12) player as there are ample of armies & strategies, that they need to use on frequent basis.
Also, coming to the main army training slots, why is the cost of the army mentioned only in the quick-train slot and not mentioned in that main tab, where our current armies are trained. We need to do alot of arithmetics if we are using some new army(espicially at the time of farming). Also, the training time of the 2nd(future) army is not displayed & that of the current one is displayed.
And the last but not least, the siege machine we used in the previous battle is not there in any of the quick-train slots(including the previous army quick-train slot).
So, the 4 things that should/should have been implement'd are:
i. More quick-train army slots
ii. Cost of both the current & future trained
iii. Time duration for the 2nd(future) army
which is being/will be cook'd.
iv. Option to add the siege machine we want
to use with that army, should be there in
the quick-train list, including the previous
army quick-train slot.
All this would make the game a little bit more player friendly & easy to play.