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    Question Friend Help Question...

    Hi guys, I was wondering with truck orders and towns folks if I ask for help on them do I still get the XP and gold if a neighbour helps me?
    I've come back from a long hiatus from the game so there a lot of new features for me lol.

    If this is not the right place for this can it be moved to where it belongs?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Welcome back to the game!

    Like with boat crate, your helper gets the reward (coin + XP + reputation point/voucher) instantly, you don't get that anymore.
    In town, you would still get the final reward for fully served town visitor.
    Tip : With truck order, the truck has to be at the board for any order to be filled.

    One thing I'm not sure is about extra rewards during some special event, I haven't pay attention closely.
    Edit: in a recent extra LEM with truck order, I got the extra reward while helping a friend. So I get all the rewards as if I were doing my own truck orders.
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