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Thread: New idea of coc

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    Exclamation New idea of coc

    Dear all

    My account number is <irrelevant>

    I have been playing COC since 2012 and i have a long break but i am coming back now since almost two years ago.
    Just in case for us to improve the game always better i have some tipps which are really important for everybody to play it as comfortable , easy, as we can .

    1. Thats perfect that we could add friend on our friend list but we can not even text each other in private ONLY in chat group. we are losing contact after one of us left the same Clan this Friend option means NOTHING.It could be nice if we could have this option that people could write also in Prvate or together to find ouor dream clans.

    <ruled out idea redacted - please read the sticky >

    Thank you so much for reading my ides It would be perfect if you can improve this as soon as possible.

    Best regards,
    Vino Inauen
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