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Thread: Builder base time/resource cost reductions?

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    Builder base time/resource cost reductions?

    We all know bh9 will hit with the June update.
    I wonder if we'll see a time/resource cost reduction on upgrades for lower bh levels?
    SC has done this in the main village several times, but I can't recall if they've ever done it for the bb?
    I've pretty much kept up my main's bb with new content releases, so maybe they did a reduction when bh8 was released but I don't remember.
    I only ask now, b/c on my mini the bb will go to lvl 6 soon, and this would be useful for it.

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    They might be it'll probably be very minimal if they do. It still takes far less time to max out the BB than the main village, so I'm not sure if supercell would reduce any upgrade and build times for that reason. I have a hunch their endgame goal is to match the time it takes to max out each village
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