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Thread: New building and products suggestion.

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    Lightbulb New building and products suggestion.


    My suggestion for a new building is a flour mill. Like an old fashioned windmill in appearance.

    This could produce new products that could be new ingredients for machines we already have such as the bakery, pie oven and cake oven, perhaps more. I would not suggest replacing the wheat crop that is used in the current recipes. Only include them in a few brand new items (wheat flour to make a granary loaf for example).. (Rice flour to make rice cakes)..(Corn flour to make something additional in the taco machine)..(Some form of potato pie? o_O)..

    wheat flour, cornflour, rice flour would fit right in as we have all those crops already. It would be a great way to use the over produced corn and wheat that seem to flood the paper currently (mainly corn) - perhaps even consider cornflour as an ingredient for a new soup or sauce. (Sweet corn soup)

    Potential for having flour boats also, similar to pasta boats. I imagine similar production timing as pasta, 15 min or so ~

    *edit. Also potato flour is a thing too apparently, who knew.

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