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Thread: Recollecting "HAY DAY" Gold Letters (6th Birthday special event reward)

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    Recollecting "HAY DAY" Gold Letters (6th Birthday special event reward)


    Flash back to last year Birthday event, I love the Reward very much
    Gold HAY DAY letter. I was very lucky can finish to complete all letters.
    But one of my NH mate was off playing HD that time, & he/she knew about the event 1D before it end, and didn't get complete letters.

    So, my idea is about the possibility to recollecting those Letters again this year. The helping event is back.😍😍😍😘😘😘💕💕💕

    Who need this event?
    1. Newbie player (lvl 1- 50's) who start playing HD in July 2018)
    2. Player who failed to complete all Letter, only "HAY" or "HAY Y", etc

    Player who want 2nd set to be place in Town Area
    3rd set: in the land across the farm 😁
    4th set : in fishing area 😊😜😘💕💕

    Thank you
    Can't hardly wait this year Birthday week events

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    what really makes the "one-off" decor so special is exactly that - they are one-off. If they somehow make them available at later times, through other means... they would all lose their "specialness".

    That said though... not being able to complete the whole word is a bit of a bummer.

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    I was thinking the same thing about an opportunity of some sort to earn the remaining letters. I have all and look great. I have fun arranging them on my farm. Then I see other farms that have only a partial set and it makes me sad for them. I know everytime they see it too, it is not happy thing.

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    I agree that one off decorations should be exactly that. I was quite disappointed when our NH won the special derby that gave first place the 3 different blossom trees, then those trees could just be bought by anyone afterwards. It’s no longer a worthwhile or in any way unique prize for winning. I didn’t get all the hay day letters, not fussed I missed out. I got H and A. I just put them in cool places, the H is the sign above my ‘hotel’.
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