Black Thunder | #GUP8P00 | Level 8 | 3214/5900 to Lv 9
English Speaking, US Time Zones, Adult 25+

Currently inactive, but looking for members to war, participate in clan games, donate troops.
Open to merging clans.
Currently 26 free spots, but can clear out inactives to have 35+ spots

Ideal new member/clan:
Level 9 Town Hall and above, not demanding or impatient about general troop donations, chat focused on clan activities, daily play (breaks for holidays and long weekends)
Friendly. Likes Strategy.

What will you get from it?
High level Clan that boosts donated troops up a level, siege machines donated for war, general clan castle donations, ability to help set rules. Promotions given to those who stick around and are active.

Founding members were a friend group in same city. Once everyone started moving to different places interest in clans waned. There is another friend group that joined, but not large enough to war with.