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    Hello good night, I wanted to write to you about a very good update, if it is possible that in the near future they will implement it: the update would be, when one is going to produce a product, tell you right there, it can be tiny, how many there is in existence , it is very tedious to put to produce and have to go and look at the barn to see if there are and how many there are, on the other hand, if from the machine it says for example, white sugar, in granary: 0, and one knows that it should prepare that , and so with all the products, I only say that it would be something too useful to improve production, since many times you prepare things that you already have and if you stop preparing products that you do not have, thanks x read.

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    This already exists. When you click on the item you wish to make, in the right hand corner there is a barn icon with a number underneath. This number indicates how many of that particular product you already have in your barn.
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