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Thread: New hero please

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    New hero please

    Has anyone else ever thought about a new hero being something to do with the goblins? I've thought about it a lot, you've got the three main little troops which are your barbs archers and goblins. So you've got your barb king and archer queen so why not a goblin chieftain? From what I've thought about him hes ability would be a jump spell around him and his favorite target would be everything but he would do extra damage to resources. He would have slightly more health than the archer queen but still less than the barb king. Has anyone else ever thought about this??

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    I dont know if he would do extra damage to resources, since I feel like heros have to be war orientated, like they are right now, however this sounds like it is more orientated to farming.

    I believe I heard a supercell interview where a developer said that they are looking to make new heroes similar to that of the grand warden, where it supports an army rather than being a tank or damage dealer like the king and queen

    Does sound like it could fit the game tho, goblin chieftan . . .

    Lets see!

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    I find this idea good. I like the idea because it's different and it does support the 3 basic troops

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    A new Hero will most likely be at the latest Town Hall, but with so many options you can bring in your army, having a Hero that does more damage to resources is not that unique for high level players.

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    What if it looked like the goblin, but acted like the Grand Warden?

    It it could be like a shaman healer type Hero

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    a hero related to witch would be nice

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    Thought about this too, I think you should unlock the goblin Chiefton by completeing the campaign missions, this would givepurpose to the campaign. You would have to lock certain levels of the campaign however for certain town halls to ensure its hard to unlock

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