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Thread: When should i upgrade to th10?

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    When should i upgrade to th10?

    Hello everyone. I need an advice. Should i upgrade to th10 when i finish my heroes to 30-30? My def is 50% th9 and 50% th8. Walls 250 lvl10. I make much raids per day. I guess ill make 30-30 heroes in 1 month, this time def will be full th9 i guess. Lab - elixir troops 30% th9, 70% th7-8. Dark troops full for th9. Spells - light, heal, rage lvl 5. haste lvl2. others 1 lvl. Heroes 22-22 at the moment.
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    Are you active on war or a casual player?

    If you're constantly on war, I would suggest you to held until you finish up ur hero, war troops and defenses.

    If you're a casual player (like myself), just go for TH 10. No need to waste loot and builder time waiting for royals to upgrade. Lab research would always be a bottleneck for TH10 and up. As long as you never leave ur lab doing nothing, you will eventually catch up the progress whether u're TH9 or TH10.

    DE farming is way, way, way, wayyyy easier on TH10. Early on TH 10 would probably be a little hard, but after u're finished with all of your elixir upgrades and have miner unlocked and maxed, you will always be able to hit at least 4-5k DE every raid with mass miner + 5 heal.
    I always ends up flooded with full DE storage waiting for both royals upgrading.
    Good luck!
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