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Thread: New idea to get that pesky voucher you need

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    New idea to get that pesky voucher you need

    When it comes to being a new to mid level player, pets grant a great advantage with their drops but vouchers can be a pain to collect especially when you get nothing but green, green and green so to implement a system to trade certain coloured vouchers for others would make it a tad easier but not to the point of boats/truck orders being looked down upon for vouchers, for instance trading 5 green vouchers for a single blue, 5 for a single pink and so on, would definitely fix the issue of having 700 green vouchers and 4 pink.

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    soon enough you will have more vouchers - of all colours - than you can possibly use. Have patience.

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    I misread the title of the post and thought it was about getting rid of pesky vouchers. Yeah, honestly, they can be accumulated really quickly once you have 5 smelters and jewellery maker. Delete any truck order that isn’t jewellery or bars, do some boats etc job done. I now have 200,000 diamonds worth of them with nothing to use them on other than lures.
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