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Thread: Need a regular raid army

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    Need a regular raid army

    Hey guys I am th9 max

    Except heros

    I need a regular raid army
    Which costs less DE
    Please help me out finding it

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    Dragoon or Loonion.

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    i use 38 balloons and 15 minions. cc - lava or balloons + haste. Farming at 1700-2100 trophy.

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    Dpending on trophy level and raid skill
    Goblin Knife
    mass goblin
    Giant Wizard Healer
    queen walk into any of the above

    all of the above can be great far armies with little to no DE cost
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    I've been using 9 drags & 8 loons on my th9. I also bring 4 lightning and an eq. I have another dragon + 2 loons & another eq in my cc.
    Zapquake 2 of the ads, send in drags & loons.
    Use bk & aq to either help create a funnel for drags, or for cleanup.
    Forgot to add: don't worry about trophies eitber. I hit an abadoned th10 and got over 500K elixir/gold and almost 3K de.
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    I use 5 pekkas, 8 wizards, 3 healers for QW, 1 rage, 2 heal, 1 jump. You can funnel and lead the pekkas right where the DE storage is, often in the middle of a base.
    You may reduce a pekka and add 5 loons, 1 haste and loons from cc. Thry will take out a lot of defenses.

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    8 P.E.K.K.A 5 wiz jump heal 2 rage poison cc poison will rush core get th and DE and die

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    Babyloon is a very easy spam attack that's more or less guaranteed to get the DE and 1 or 2 stars every time. Very expensive in elixir though.

    Goblin Knife is a 1-star attack that goes wrong sometimes (watch out for giant bombs and CC troops), but is quick to train and cheap. Requires some skill to master it but honestly, there's NOTHING more satisfying in CoC than watching a ton of raged goblins rush the core of a base and take it down in 3 seconds flat!

    Both these can be done without heroes.

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    4 Healers, 2 Witches and the rest Archers is a cheap Dark option. Req for a Gol or PEKKA (and topper) with Freeze in the CC. 1 poison, 3 Rage, 1 Freeze, 1 Skelly: or 2 skelly (all rage is good too)

    4 Healers, 2 Witch, Heavy Loons maybe 5-10 Minions to clean up with the Witches 2 Rage 2 Haste 2 Freeze. -or- a Heal. Req max Freeze a Zap, Hound, or max Loons, or a Icey and a Baby and Loon (or 3 Giants/Loons).

    Those were what I was using after I maxed Defs. In my 3 quick army saves I have:

    Army 1. Loonion: very balanced, Needs NO Royals, and can push. under 700 Dark.
    (Kimchi Love vs AFRO mix)
    24 Loons and 50 Minions. (the Kimchi troop mix) 2 Rage, 2 Haste, 1 Heal, 1 Poison. (my custom spells on this mix)
    ~FWIW: classic Kimchi spells were 2 Rage, 2 Heals, 1 poison.

    Army 2. GobShank9: funnel correctly and the Dark tank is yours for the taking. under 200 Dark.
    10 Giants, 150 Gobs, 10 WBs. 2 Heal, 1 Rage, 1 Jump 1 Poison. CC is Freeze and PEKKA w/ Hog topper.

    Army 3. HoWiHe: if you need elixir; and as a change up. 119k Elxiir/1959 Dark
    18 Hogs, 5 Witches, 5 Healers. 3 Heal, 2 Skelly, 1 Poison.

    This army was spawned from my love Hogs and Witches and is an Elixir grinding army.

    Good Luck

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    Loonian is the best/most cost effective.
    AQ walk loonian is stronger....but you need the AQ atleast.

    However, if you are max troops and just have hero's left....then something like babyloon or dragloon or something that uses 0 DE would be the best. Since all you need is DE.

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